LONDON’S CHOICE – Colloidal Silver Liquid Spray for Pets | Natural Healing Spray | 59ml (2oz)

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Introducing London’s Choice Colloidal Silver, the natural solution for pet health that comes in a convenient 2oz on-the-go spray bottle. Our 10ppm colloidal silver spray is specially formulated for pet skin care, first aid kits, and hot spot treatment for dogs. It’s also an effective solution for yeast infection treatment, including dog yeast infection treatment and cat wound spray.

Our high-quality colloidal silver spray can be used as a dog eye treatment, dog spray, and dog ear cleaner, making it a versatile solution for a range of pet health issues. Its innovative technology penetrates cells to heal from within, making it ideal for pet health problems like skin irritations and ear infections.

Made with natural ingredients, our colloidal silver spray is chemical-free and odorless, ensuring that your pet won’t be irritated by any unpleasant smells. Plus, it comes in a strong, tinted glass bottle that ensures a shelf life of up to 2 years.

Investing in your pet’s health has never been easier with London’s Choice Colloidal Silver. Our 2oz on-the-go spray bottle is perfect for pet owners who are always on the move. Whether you’re going for a walk, heading to the park, or taking your pet on a road trip, you can take our colloidal silver spray with you wherever you go.

And if you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Don’t wait until your pet is sick to start building your pet first aid kit. Order London’s Choice Colloidal Silver today and give your pet the natural care they deserve.

🚚 Damage-Proof Shipping: Your satisfaction is paramount! If your order arrives damaged, we’ll replace it 100%. 📦🛠️

💰 Vet Visit Saver: A must-have in your pet first aid kit. Replace costly vet treatments with our natural, safe, and effective solution for yeast and hot spots. 🌿🐾

🐾 Boost Immunity Naturally: Elevate your pet’s defenses! Strengthen immunity with our natural colloidal silver solution. 🛡️

🌟 Healing Support for Wounds: Aid in the healing journey of cuts, scrapes, and minor wounds. 🌟

👂 Gentle Ear Care: Optimal ear health matters! Gently cleanse and soothe your pup’s ears. 🐶👂

🌬️ Say Goodbye to Bad Breath: Infuse oral care with colloidal silver for fresh breath and happy cuddles. 🌿

🆘 Essential Pet First Aid: Quick, effective care at your fingertips! 🆘

🔥 Soothe Hot Spots: Bring relief to your pets’ itchy discomfort with our soothing solution. 🌡️🐾

🌟 Simple Ingredients, Powerful Impact: Gentle yet potent at 10 Parts Per Million. Crafted with just two ingredients—Distilled Water and Positively Charged Silver. ✨🌍

🏠 Versatile Surface Cleanser: Extend the freshness beyond pets! Our solution naturally cleans various surfaces. 🏠

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Dimensions 55 × 55 × 155 cm


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