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London’s Choice is a company dedicated to natural health products that have helped us and our families. We manufacture high-quality Ionic colloidal silver, brewed in small batches for consistency and potency. Our unique process results in some of the smallest particle sizes available. We make our products with love, believing that natural remedies are the key to good health.


From Founder
I am a passionate advocate for natural health products and living a long, healthy life. I am dedicated to inspiring and educating others to follow suit, sharing my knowledge and experiences with anyone who will listen. Whether through writing, speaking, or simply leading by example, I am always working to promote the benefits of a natural, holistic lifestyle.
Adam Grabar
London's Dad
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Our Story
We absoulty love using natural health products.

Thank you for considering London’s Choice for your natural health needs. Our company was founded by an entrepreneur with a passion for healthy living and a desire to spread the word about the benefits of colloidal silver.

The idea for London’s Choice began when our founder discovered the power of colloidal silver while using it to treat a hot spot on their beloved dog, London. Impressed by its ability to naturally clean and speed up the healing process, they decided to learn everything they could about colloidal silver and began manufacturing it in a specially designed clean room in their basement.

At London’s Choice, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality colloidal silver at the lowest possible cost. That’s why we offer a 4 liter bottle for just $250, the lowest cost per ounce available. Our colloidal silver is currently only available for pets, but we are working on obtaining the necessary certifications to offer it for human use as well.

We take pride in our efficient production process and documented standard operating procedures, and are committed to private labeling all natural health products that have been tried, tested, and proven effective in our own families. We are also constantly updating our website with the latest research and information on the benefits of colloidal silver, so please check back with us to learn more.

Thank you for choosing London’s Choice. We hope to help you and your loved ones live a long, healthy life with the power of natural health products.


Adam Grabar

Made In Canada

Produced in Ontario's Hannon. utilizing only electricity, silver, and water.

All Natural

all-natural colloidal silver eliminates harmful pathogens. preventing the spread of harmful pathogens.

High Quality

Particle sizes as small as .0008 microns (0.8nm) with super-effective 10 parts per million!


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