LONDON’S CHOICE – Colloidal Silver Liquid Spray for Pets | Natural Healing Spray | 473ml (16oz)


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Elevate Your Pet’s Well-being with London’s Choice Colloidal Silver: Crafted in small batches, our solution boasts ultra-pure, positively charged silver ions. This clear, potent formula not only lasts well beyond a 2-year shelf life but also serves as a versatile, essential tool for numerous pet applications. From bolstering immunity to soothing skin irritations, this is the must-have natural solution for any pet owner seeking top-tier care. Trust in London’s Choice for lasting, pure, and purposeful pet wellness.

🚚 Damage-Proof Shipping: Your satisfaction is paramount! If your order arrives damaged, we’ll replace it 100%. 📦🛠️

💰 Vet Visit Saver: A must-have in your pet first aid kit. Replace costly vet treatments with our natural, safe, and effective solution for yeast and hot spots. 🌿🐾

🐾 Boost Immunity Naturally: Elevate your pet’s defenses! Strengthen immunity with our natural colloidal silver solution. 🛡️

🌟 Healing Support for Wounds: Aid in the healing journey of cuts, scrapes, and minor wounds. 🌟

👂 Gentle Ear Care: Optimal ear health matters! Gently cleanse and soothe your pup’s ears. 🐶👂

🌬️ Say Goodbye to Bad Breath: Infuse oral care with colloidal silver for fresh breath and happy cuddles. 🌿

🆘 Essential Pet First Aid: Quick, effective care at your fingertips! 🆘

🔥 Soothe Hot Spots: Bring relief to your pets’ itchy discomfort with our soothing solution. 🌡️🐾

🌟 Simple Ingredients, Powerful Impact: Gentle yet potent at 10 Parts Per Million. Crafted with just two ingredients—Distilled Water and Positively Charged Silver. ✨🌍

🏠 Versatile Surface Cleanser: Extend the freshness beyond pets! Our solution naturally cleans various surfaces. 🏠

Weight .977 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 24 cm


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