LONDON’S CHOICE – Colloidal Silver Jug w/ Liquid Spray for Pets | MultiPurpose Natural Healing Spray | 4000ml (4L)


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Introducing London’s Choice Colloidal Silver, now available in our largest size – the 4000ml (4L) jug. Our premium pet spray refill is derived from clear, ultra-pure, and positively charged silver ions, ensuring the highest quality for your beloved pets.

Crafted in small, carefully monitored batches, our colloidal silver solution remains clear and effective for much longer than its impressive 2-year best-before date. This longevity ensures your pets will enjoy its benefits for an extended period.

A versatile must-have for a wide range of applications, our colloidal silver is a cornerstone for pet care. From topical healing to immune support and allergy prevention, its tasteless, odorless formula guarantees your pets won’t be bothered by any unpleasant scents.

Invest in your pet’s well-being with confidence. At London’s Choice, we stand by our product’s superior quality and proudly offer a satisfaction guarantee along with a 100% money-back assurance.

For those with multiple pets or those looking to stock up on this invaluable solution, our 4 Litre jug offers the lowest cost per ounce, providing exceptional value. Inquire about our exclusive Lifetime Colloidal Silver Supply Agreement, ensuring your pet’s health is secured for the long term.

Order your 4000ml (4L) jug of London’s Choice Colloidal Silver today and give your pets the natural care they truly deserve.

🚚 Damage-Proof Shipping: Your satisfaction is paramount! If your order arrives damaged, we’ll replace it 100%. 📦🛠️

💰 Vet Visit Saver: A must-have in your pet first aid kit. Replace costly vet treatments with our natural, safe, and effective solution for yeast and hot spots. 🌿🐾

🐾 Boost Immunity Naturally: Elevate your pet’s defenses! Strengthen immunity with our natural colloidal silver solution. 🛡️

🌟 Healing Support for Wounds: Aid in the healing journey of cuts, scrapes, and minor wounds. 🌟

👂 Gentle Ear Care: Optimal ear health matters! Gently cleanse and soothe your pup’s ears. 🐶👂

🌬️ Say Goodbye to Bad Breath: Infuse oral care with colloidal silver for fresh breath and happy cuddles. 🌿

🆘 Essential Pet First Aid: Quick, effective care at your fingertips! 🆘

🔥 Soothe Hot Spots: Bring relief to your pets’ itchy discomfort with our soothing solution. 🌡️🐾

🌟 Simple Ingredients, Powerful Impact: Gentle yet potent at 10 Parts Per Million. Crafted with just two ingredients—Distilled Water and Positively Charged Silver. ✨🌍

🏠 Versatile Surface Cleanser: Extend the freshness beyond pets! Our solution naturally cleans various surfaces. 🏠


Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 32 cm


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