Colloidal Silver for Pets – Large – Refill Size


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Use in a Variety of Ways

  • London’s Choice colloidal silver is truly a superior product, as it can be easily administered to pets orally thanks to its tasteless and odourless nature.
  • The topical use of this amazing product is also highly effective, as it can be applied to the skin and open wounds to treat hot spots, ringworm, and burns.
  • The ear-related benefits of London’s Choice colloidal silver are just as impressive – it can be applied directly to the ears or used on a cotton pad to eliminate harmful microorganisms.
  • When it comes to eye care, London’s Choice colloidal silver truly shines. It can be used to address a range of eye problems, such as infections, allergies, and tear staining, without causing any discomfort for your beloved pet.
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  • PREMIUM COLLOIDAL SILVER SPRAY – London’s Choice’s premium colloidal silver is expertly crafted to provide your pet with the highest quality silver available. This natural remedy is safe and effective, making it ideal for your pet!
  • HEAL FROM THE INSIDE OUT – Our potent silver solution makes it simple to treat common pet conditions like hot spots, cat allergies, dietary sensitivities, and environmental sensitivities. This all-natural pet silver wound spray works by penetrating cells to heal from the inside, making it an excellent alternative to medication for cats with allergies and other health issues.
  • TASTELESS AND ODOURLESS – London’s Choice colloidal silver for dogs has no taste or odor, so it won’t affect your pet’s senses. Our silver can be applied topically or internally as an all-natural spray treatment for dogs’ itching to alleviate allergies and boost the immune system.
  • PREVENT ILLNESSES – Our colloidal silver spray for dogs and colloidal silver cats replaces costly trips to the veterinarian. You can save money, avoid costly treatments, and keep your pet healthy and happy with our natural remedy.
  • SAFE AND LONG LASTING – To ensure quality, London’s Choice colloidal silver is prepared in a clean room facility in small batches and immediately bottled in tinted glass bottles. The bottles have a shelf life of up to two years. All steps are taken in accordance with strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure that the colloidal silver is free of contaminants.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We are only here to share the products and helpful advice that have worked so wonderfully for us and our family as a traditional small Canadian business. Sincere, from one family to another. maintain good health, happiness, longevity, and success. love.


Weight 135 oz
Dimensions 160 × 130 × 305 mm


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