Colloidal Silver for Pets – Small


Easily apply Colloidal Silver on the go in a convenient 4 oz (118ml) spray bottle.

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  • PREMIUM COLLOIDAL SILVER: London’s Choice Colloidal Silver is an all-natural supplement for pets of all shapes and sizes. With our high-quality premium silver, Londons Choice able to support pets from dietary; environmental; seasonal allergies; and even breed specific health implications. Skip the expensive trips to the vet and heal naturally, from within.
  • HEALS FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Our premium Silver particles are able to penetrate the body’s cells to protect and heal your pets’ body from a number of different conditions. London’s Choice fights a variety of common conditions such as ear sickness; cuts & scrapes; rashes; and eye conditions.
  • SKIP THE EXPENSIVE VET TRIPS: Since Colloidal Silver is tasteless; odourless; tear-less and all-natural; you can use it for pets both internally and externally. Use in place for natural dog itch spray or for alergy prevention as a preventative health measure.
  • SHELF LIFE OF 2 YEARS: London’s Choice bottles are made in strong tinted glass to ensure stability and quality of our immune support dog spray. Expertly crafted and designed high quality silver with a shelf life of 2 years. Essential for your dog supplies for a natural first aid treatment – at home!
  • LOCALLY MADE IN CANADA: London’s Choice Colloidal Silver is amongst the very best on the market, made locally in Hamilton, Canada our state-of-the-art facility created a one-of-a-kind silver with greater health effects and increased surface area effectiveness.


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