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Meet London,

Welcome to London’s Choice!

Our company is named after our beloved German Shepard dog, London. She is the inspiration behind our flagship product, Colloidal Silver, which played a significant role in her treatment of various ailments. In addition to helping London, Colloidal Silver has personally benefited me in the treatment of severe sunburn, toothache, and a sore throat. I even use it as an aftershave and deodorant.

The decision to create London’s Choice and share these natural remedies with others came from a desire to spread the positive impact of natural health products. These remedies have been known and used for thousands of years, and we believe that the more we share our experiences with them, the more good we can do.


At London’s Choice, our goal is to constantly share stories of how natural health products have truly made a difference in people’s lives. London’s spirit, kind and sweet, serves as a reminder of the goodness that we strive to bring to the world through our products. Thank you for choosing London’s Choice for your natural health needs.


Made in Canada

Produced in Ontario's Hannon. utilizing only electricity, silver, and water.

All Natural

all-natural colloidal silver eliminates harmful pathogens. preventing the spread of harmful pathogens.

High Quality

Particle sizes as small as .0008 microns (0.8nm) with super-effective 10 parts per million!

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"Used this Product to treat a very nasty yeast infection in my dogs ear (alternating with ACV & water) as well as for an eye infection he had recently. Not only is it good for 4 legged’s but it is also works great for 2 legged’s. I used this product myself to heal some Inflammation from body Piercings as well as an ear infection. Adam is very personable and very knowledgeable about his product and it’s many uses"
Renee Lindsay
"I am extremely happy with London's Choice colloidal silver. It has truly been a lifesaver for my dog, who recently suffered a scratch on the eye from another dog. I sprayed the silver on the affected area a few times a day, and was amazed at how quickly and completely the injury healed. In my opinion, colloidal silver is a fantastic alternative to antibiotics, which can have harsh side effects. Not only do I use it for my dog, but I also take it myself almost daily and have had great results. I highly recommend London's Choice and their knowledgeable approach to natural health products."
Laura Spencer
Interior Designer
"I bought colloidal silver for my two German shepherds as they have constant skin problems. My veterinarian recommended it and so I began my search. Within two days of using Londons Choice colloidal silver both dogs “hot spots ” significantly decreased , along with their their itching and scratching. Within a week both spots completely disappeared. I now use this on a day to day basis to prevent any flare ups. I couldn’t be happier with using this product and am so happy to have found something that actually works and is completely natural. So impressed. Lifelong customer! Highly recommended."
Laura Williamson
Business Owner
"I have heard amazing things about colloidal silver. It has extremely good healing rate and works fast. I tried this on my dogs Hotspot and the next day it's not so red and healing well. This is a big bottle and you use so little for each treatment, should last a very long time."
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Review by Jen E
on January 4, 2023
"This product I highly recommend! ☑️ Simply just an amazing product. Practically sells itself! Colloidal Silver for Pets is a multi-purpose product that every pet owner needs to have on hand. I use this product religiously in my business for our Cosmetic Pet Teeth Cleaning, keeping our furry patient’s mouth clean and healthy! I personally use Colloidal Silver spray on my face or if I feeling under the weather I’ll take some orally. Like I said multi-purpose product 😉🤗 Adam is very knowledgable and confident in his Colloidal Silver, he is a professional business owner and was a pleasant man to speak with. I am very excited to see that this is available to all pet pawrents! ♥️ Thank You Adam!"
Melissa Giannone
Business Owner
"Using the solution on my horse's mud fever on her pastern and some superficial scrapes on her rump area, to prevent infection. Applicator was easy to use that sprays solution evenly on the wounds. It will take some time to see the result and I'll update the review in a couple of weeks. It will be excellent if they have a plastic bottle version for horse barns as the glass bottles is dangerous if broken in the barn."
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Review by Steve C
on January 12, 2023
"This is a pretty big bottle for the price. You can look up colloidal silver sprays that have the same 10 ppm and you'll find they are more expensive. Colloidal silver has long been used for disinfecting wounds and it also speeds healing while preventing infection. Plus this is perfectly safe for animals who are prone to lick their wounds where other wound sprays shouldn't be ingested and need to be wrapped. Depending on the location of the wound wrapping/bandaging can sometimes be problematic. So this spray is ideal for cleaning and treating the wound while leaving it open to dry and heal without worry about it getting licked off. I personally am not a fan of oral use of colloidal silver although it's advertised as being safe for that. But for external use colloidal silver is good. Even bandaids are now available with silver in them for just that reason. So this format in the bottle with a sprayer is ideal for topical use. It's appropriately packaged in a brown glass bottle which helps to keep it fresh. It's made in Canada so I feel secure in the manufacturing standards."
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Review by CSC
on January 14, 2023
"Amazing product! Was very helpful with our English bull. Would recommend everyone keep a bottle on hand!"
Jennifer Greer
"Amazing product! 👌 As my dog ages I've gotten more conscious about her health and Adam's colloidal silver keeps my baby out of the doctors office! ... I tend to use it as I see fit; in her water, spraying her body when she itches (immediately calms her), and her eyes too! I also use it as a beauty product! ... the more regularly I mist my face with Adam's product, my skin stays clear 😊 ... countless benefits with a professional and great owner! Highly recommended ✔"
Gledia Tri
"This is an fantastic product that worked for our puppy. We are thank-full for having receiving London's Choice colloidal silver. We applied this product to our pup and within days had noticed a huge improvement. ( he had a pretty bad cough) We continued using the spray for a complete turn around and now keep it on hand for all our unexpected situations."
Anthony Bechamp
"I use this product on my floppy ear Doberman pup’s eyes and ears. Great cleaner!"
Samantha Fornoville

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